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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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polls to the single biggest day in the republican presidential race. we invite you to come >> pelley: campaign 2012 update. the polls have just closed in three of the ten states voting this super tuesday for a republican presidential nominee. cbs news is projecting newt gingrich has won his home state of georgia. his first win in six weeks, keeping his struggling campaign alive. we're also estimating mitt romney is leading in the early vote count in virginia. only he and ron paul were on the ballot. we also have the former governor of massachusetts leading in next door vermont as the vote count continues there. here is how gingrich won georgia. our exit polling found the former house speaker won a number of key groups including women, conservatives, and tea party supporters. so gingrich takes georgia, romney leading in virginia and vermont in the early vote count.
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polls close in ohio at the bottom of the hour. stay with us for more super tuesday updates. i'm scott pelley. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, it's the biggest night of the presidential primary season and as you just saw newt gingrich is on the board with a win in his home state georgia. mitt romney coming off four straight wins in the past two weeks is leading tonight in virginia and in vermont. with ten states voting, we're just getting started. we have a team of campaign 2012 correspondents covering super tuesday and we'll go first to jan crawford with the romney campaign in boston. jan? >> reporter: well, scott after spending most of the past week battling it out in that key state of ohio, romney arrived here in his home state late this afternoon and he sounded
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optimistic when he talked to reporters about his expectations for tonight. >> i said i'm hoping for a good win here in massachusetts and what happens elsewhere i don't know but i think we'll pick up a lot of delegates and this is a... this is a process of gathering enough delegates to become the nominee and i think we're on the track to have that happen. >> reporter: romney voted in massachusetts late today and is striking a confident tone. he's expected to win at least three states and he's closed the gap in ohio with a strategy that focuses on the personal and the president. on the campaign trail he told voters in ohio he dreamed as a boy of becoming a police officer, in idaho he talked about his father's humble beginnings here. >> my dad was here as a boy as well, he said he had potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner >> reporter: instead of engaging his republican rivals, romney kept a laser-like focus on the economy and sharpened his criticism of president obama and his reelection team.
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>> we're going to have to make sure we push back against that kind of machine and that we return this process to one focused on the people of america not the politics of the president. >> reporter: romney talked to reporters about this long campaign but notice what he said. he's talking about getting a lot of delegates. they are very confident, again, no matter what happens tonight they're going to win this thing and take on president barack obama head to head in november. >> pelley: votes being counted as we speak, jan, thanks very much. it has been a month since rick santorum won a primary or a caucus. a win against romney in hotly contested ohio tonight will give him a major boost. dean reynolds is at santorum's headquarters in stubenville. dean? >> reporter: rick santorum has high hopes for ohio but there are signs of trouble here. problems of organization and maybe a few of his own making. >> it's gut check time!
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who wants it the most, what do you say? ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: one week ago polls here showed santorum with a seven-point lead. now he finds himself in a neck- in-neck race with romney trying to fire up supporters at his last campaign stop. >> no one was paying much of attention to us but we went out and delivered a strong clear message that we needed a conviction conservative, someone who had a record and a vision. >> reporter: but while his strong clear message on social issues resonates with the conservative base, it may be seen as too narrow by everyone else. going forward, santorum will head for kansas and mississippi next. he raised $9 million last month but he and his superpac were outspent 4-1 in ohio by romney and his. money is an issue and so is organization. while campaign sources feel santorum will be very competitive in upcoming contests in texas and alabama, they have no internal polling to back up their optimism.
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and here in ohio, scott, santorum's campaign failed to file the required election paperwork in several districts, including the one where we are. and that means that even if santorum is victorious tonight, he will not be getting all the delegates he otherwise would have won. dean, thanks very much. >> pelley: dean, as we mentioned, newt gingrich got the win he needed in his home state of georgia to keep his struggling campaign alive. he hadn't won anything since south carolina and that is six weeks ago. chip reid is at his headquarters in atlanta tonight. chip? >> reporter: well, scott, a cheer went up in this sparsely populated room when it was announced gingrich won his home state of georgia but the expectations are not that high for the rest of the night. today gingrich made clear however things go he is in this race for the long haul. >> i think the difference between obama and gingrich is literally this wide.
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>> reporter: newt gingrich spent most of super tuesday campaigning in alabama, a state that doesn't even vote until next week. it's an effort by gingrich to show that no matter what happens on super tuesday his campaign will continue. his hope is that over the next two or three months republicans will realize that having a large campaign bank account is not enough for mitt romney to defeat president obama. >> anybody who thinks romney can out-raise obama, it ain't gonna happen. >> reporter: and eventually the party will realize it needs a visionary like him. >> you'd better be prepared to wage a campaign of ideas this fall because the only hope we have to beat obama is to have better ideas communicated clearly and cutting through his billion-dollar campaign. >> reporter: gingrich will respond to the super tuesday results later on if this evening. right now it's a feeling of victory here but a feeling that could fade as the evening goes on. scott? >> pelley: chip, thank you. how did gingrich do it? we have been talking to voters
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as they left the polls in georgia all day today and anthony mason has been analyzing the polls. anthony, what are the voters telling us? >> reporter: scott, to start with, the unemployment rate in georgia is 9.4%. that's a full point above the national average, more than it, actually. so the economy was the top issue and among those who ranked it first in georgia gingrich won overwhelmingly. 49% he took. six in ten georgia republicans identify themselves as white evangelicals. gingrich won more than half of them. 51%. finally, home-field advantage helped. gingrich served georgia in congress for 20 years. more than a third of georgia republicans told us today those ties mattered to them. >> pelley: anthony, thank you. bob schieffer, anchor of "face the nation," is joining us now. and john dickerson, our political director is in ohio. bob, a win for gingrich in georgia. >> well, he had to do this. he said so himself. i mean, he said on "face the nation" sunday if he didn't win georgia there wasn't much that he could do after that. but he did. you know, it's kind of
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interesting, though, the romney campaign actually put a half million dollars... well, not the campaign but romney's superpac put a half million dollars into georgia television advertising just this week in an effort to try to embarrass him down there. but obviously it didn't work. so newt gingrich lives to fight another day. he's putting his hopes now on the momentum coming out of this taking him into alabama and mississippi and on into texas. but, you know, at least he did what he had to do tonight. stphaoupb thank you, bob. not close in georgia but likely to be very close in ohio where john dickerson has been talking to voters and campaign officials. john, what are you hearing there? >> well, it is close here in ohio. this is the state where rick santorum and mitt romney have really put the focus in their big fight. if mitt romney wins here, he'll be able to say or he'll try to say he won over those conservatives who are skeptical about him. the rick santorum message is that despite all of the money and negative ads that were run against him, he is the one for
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those conservatives who are thriving for a principled leader. so what we're going to find out tonight is which of the two can make that claim. ohio is also a big delegate prize. the romney campaign is saying after all the contests tonight romney will be so far ahead in that delegate math that none of his opponents can overtake him. the santorum campaign says that's not a very inspiring message. they hope to limit the delegates romney gets so he won't win the nomination, they'll fight him all the way to the convention. >> pelley: john, thanks very much. we're be following the super tuesday vote count from start to finish and have updates for you throughout the evening. president obama went out of his try steal some of the super tuesday spotlight from the republicans by picking this day to hold his first news conference in three months. one of the highlights was an answer to a question from our chief white house correspondent norah o'donnell about the president's republican opponen opponents. >> reporter: mitt romney has criticized you on iran and said "hope is not a foreign policy." he also said that you are
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america's most feckless president since carter. what would you like to say to mr. romney? >> good luck tonight. (laughter) >> reporter: no, really. >> really. >> pelley: to that mitt romney said today "i appreciate the good wishes and i wish him the best." the president also had his g.o.p. opponents in mind when he said that people talking about war with iran just don't understand the burdens of commander in chief. norah is at the white house tonight with more on that. norah? >> reporter: scott, well, the president was fiercely defending his iran policy today and he accused his republican rivals of recklessly beating the drums of war with a lot of tough talk which the president said war is "not a game." >> what's said on the campaign trail, you know, those folks don't have a lot of
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responsibilities. they're not commander-in-chief. and when i see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, i'm reminded of the costs involved in war. >> reporter: on iran, the president's preference for tougher sanctions and diplomacy is under fire from republicans. rick santorum today called it appeasement and mitt romney has said if mr. obama is reelected iran would get a nuclear weapon. >> the one thing that we have not done is we haven't launched a war. if some of these folks think that it's time to launch a war, they should say so. they should explain to the american people exactly why they would do that and what the consequences would be. >> reporter: mr. obama also said the notion that a choice to strike iran must be made in the coming months is not supported by intelligence. u.s. officials say the iranian regime has not yet decided to build a nuclear weapon. >> when we haven't thought it
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through and it gets wrapped up in politics we make mistakes. and typically it's not the folks who are popping off who pay the price, it's these incredible men and women in uniform and their families who pay the price. >> reporter: the president is keenly aware that tension over iran has contributed to the rising cost of gas and he acknowledged that higher prices won't do him any favors when it comes to the 2012 campaign. >> just from a political perspective, do you think the president of the united states going into reelection wants gas prices to go up higher? ( laughter ) is that... is there anybody here who thinks that makes a lot of sense? >> reporter: this is the first time the president held a press conference this year and, scott, he seemed eager to join the debate and also defend his record from republicans who've been tearing it to pieces over these past few months.
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>> pelley: the f.b.i. says it arrested some of the world's most wanted computer hackers. this was wall street's worst day of the year. and a day at the races with prince harry when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> pelley: for more than four years, a group of computer hackers that goes by the name anonymous has been hacking the web sites of governments and businesses all over the world. today federal prosecutors said six key members have been arrested. bob orr has the latest. bob? >> reporter: scott, those arrests strike at the very core of the international hacker's network anonymous and its offshoot cyber gang lulzsec. for the f.b.i., it's a bit of revenge. one of the suspects nabbed in ireland is accused of hacking into this f.b.i./scotland yard conference call. >> reporter: the suspect, who
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>> reporter: the suspect, who goes by the name palladium then taunted law enforcement by posting the call on the internet. now he and five other suspected hackers have been arrested, including a new york man who prosecutors say led a cyber attack on the u.s. senate. hector xavier monsegur who sweets antigovernment messages under the alias "the real sabu" is accused of hacking the senate's sensitive files to download confidential information. monsegur, described as a lulzsec leader was arrested last year and sources say he began corporating with the f.b.i. his help led to today's arrests of the others who are now charged in a series of computer attacks on corporate and government systems. lulzsec is accused of hacking the web sites of sony pictures, fox, and pbs, often leaving behind this victory message. visa, mastercard and paypal were
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all hit by disruptive attacks. prosecutors say one of the suspects personally profited in the cyber crime wave. hammond, who goes by the alias "anarchaos" is accused of hacking the security firm platform, stealing account information for 860,000 subscribers and billing $700,000 in credit cards. scott, one senior officials says these arrests should send a clear message "that we're not playing around anymore." >> pelley: maybe anonymous no more. bob, thank you very much. in syria, the main rebel stronghold fell last week and now the dictator bashar al-assad has turned his army loose on the city of deraa where the uprising against his dictatorship began one year ago. today deraa was shelled by assad's forces. at his news conference today, president obama called the situation in syria
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"heartbreaking" but he said he won't order air strikes as he did last year in libya. >> the notion that the way to solve every one of these problems is to deploy our military, that hasn't been true in the past and it won't be true now. >> pelley: instead, the administration is trying to persuade the u.n. security council to approve a new peace plan for syria. the last one was vetoed by russia and china. the latest on a deadly superbug. it's claiming more lives than ever. who's at risk? that's next. moderate alzheimer's symptoms. tment of mild to [ female announcer ] it cannot change the course of the disease. hospitalization and rarely death have been reported in patients
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we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> pelley: we're learning more tonight about a superbug linked to 14,000 deaths a year in the united states. it's called c. difficile and today the centers for disease control said the number of infections tripled between 2000 and 2009. often the superbug is contracted in hospitals, but the c.d.c. now says that many patients are exposed at nursing homes or outpatient clinics. the stock market had its worst day of the year today. in fact, it's the biggest point loss since the day before thanksgiving. new worries about the impact of the greek debt crisis sent the dow down more than 200 points. the first triple-digit loss in 45 trading days. on the other hand, the dow is still ahead nearly 4.5% for the year.
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campbell's healthy request soup is delicious, and earned this heart, for being heart healthy. ♪ feel the beat? it's amazing what soup can do. >> pelley: it was headline news in the march 6 papers, the battle for the g.o.p. nomination. march 6, 1912. teddy roosevelt just challenged william howard taft to face him in primaries in 48 states. little noticed, that same day was a new entry on the scene that would soon top the popularity polls. barry petersen now on the oreo at 100. ♪ happy birthday to you... >> reporter: age has not withered charm of this cookie, loved enough to have birthday fans in new york who gathered
7:27 pm
near where the first oreo was baked 100 years ago today. and a piece of oreo history is all on bill turnier's mind when he walks down the aisle. >> sometimes i tear up when i get down there and i remember him. he was a great dad. >> reporter: his father william turnier was nabisco's cookie designer in 1952. he did the last of five designs since its birth-- so popular it's the one we munch on to- this-day. did you guys get free oreos when you were a kid. >> no, we didn't! but dad used to be able to go in there in the old days and you could get a big, big bag for 25 cents of broken cookies of all different sorts and, wow, that was a treat for us. >> reporter: turnier used nabisco's and double cross, a symbol dating back to medieval monks who copied manuscripts.
7:28 pm
>> they would put an orb at the bottom and the double cross which was a way of indicating they had done the best they could. it was a sign of real quality. >> reporter: much more is unknown, like who dreamed up for the oreo or even what the name oreo stands for. a receipt shows the first batch was showed to a grosser in hoboken, new jersey, and almost half a billion have been sold since then making it the world's best-selling cookie. william's oreo design kinds of define the turnier family. they even etched an oreo on his tombstone. >> good cookie, good design. might have another 100 years in it. >> reporter: good for three generations like turnier, his son and his grandson matthew snacking on a 100-year-old american invention that can still make even grown-ups feel like kids. barry petersen, cbs news, chapel hill, north carolina. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. a reminder that we'll have super tuesday updates for you throughout the evening. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. see you again soon.
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